Originally today I was going to do a short story I came up with about Good Friday and the impact of what Christ did.

Now, I’m not so sure there are any words I could use to explain the profound depth of His sacrifice.

So instead, I am posting something short, simple.

I find it a contradiction saying ‘Happy Good Friday’.

While it is, in a way something to celebrate, to call it happy is almost buttering the event. It makes it seem like something less horrible than it was. Yes, Christ rose from the dead three days later. Yes, He is alive today. But was it a joyous thing that He had to die, suffer, and feel the weight of total abandonment so we may live? I think all too often we tend to desensitize ourselves to what actually happened. It has become a way allowing us to feel less guilty about the fact that we are actually responsible for what He had to do.

I ponder this, then. Why is it we are so naturally prone towards sin? What is it making us so prone to choose bad over good? I know it’s said it all traces back to original sin, but I don’t think it’s fair to blame our mistakes on one person. Something tells me the majority of mankind would make the same decision as Adam and Eve.

That being said, Christ’s sacrifice is a pretty strong testimony to God’s love for us.

Despite our nature of wanting to choose things for our own sake, of wanting to take the easy ‘pleasing’ route, God still loved us enough to sacrifice His son so we could be forgiven. So we could be with Him. Jesus loved us enough to allow Himself to be tortured, nearly beaten to death, and hung on a cross. He loved us enough to be abandoned by His father. Left alone to die, he accepted the blame for the sins of every other person ever to exist.

I don’t know about how everyone else views this, but that’s a pretty powerful statement to me.


  1. lissasnew411

    Powerful beyond words! Yes, I don't say Happy Good Friday anymore (I did when i was little because I always said Happy [Insert holiday]). Good Friday is a dreadful day, but it is hopeful and optimistic because we know what happens three days later. Take the time to reflect and then we are able to say Happy Easter!

  2. Emily

    It’s not close to the holiday, but I’m glad I saw this post. I never even thought about it that way. Remembering Jesus’ death makes me feel so loved and amazed. I can’t believe He wanted to take my place. Although I am sad our Lord had to suffer, I am glad He did to save us.

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