When I first saw the previews for Scott Pilgrim, being unaware that it was part of an awesome comic series, I completely missed the point and thought ‘Man, that film looks lame.’ Largely because Michael Cera, as adorable as he is, only ever plays Michael Cera, which, after Superbad became slightly overdone.


But when friends started coming to me, urging me that this would definitely be my kind of movie, I decided to look into what it was all about.


One of the major winning points was that it was not only filmed in Toronto, but is BASED in Toronto. I love that city, and though I certainly wouldn’t want to live there once I’ve married and am settled down, for being the age I’m at I wish I could still be there. It has my heart in ways I will probably never understand, so naturally, I was stoked to hear about the film’s locale.


The movie itself blew me away. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time, giddy like a kid in the Rocky Mountain candy shoppe. It was amazing; epic and altogether geeky. It was the first movie I’ve ever had the courage to attend alone, and I am so glad I did. It was well worth it.


If you haven’t seen Scott Pilgrim, I urge you to do so. Anyone who has any slightly geeky tendancies will desperately relate to this film. Plus, if you go to the website, you can make your own awesome movie poster featuring none other than yourself!


Go and make one. You know you want to. =)


Now, just because I am UBER in pride of just how much ‘local’ stuff is in this movie, here are a few little-known facts about the star and some of the places featured in the film.


  • During the battle of the bands, the first group we actually see introduced is said to be from ‘Brampton’. Brampton is the city that Michael Cera lives in. Locally, the city is mostly referred to as Bramladesh.
  • Michael Cera’s grandparents live in my hometown, and he has been spotted around town a few times (most recently was at the theatre watching Toy Story 3 with his grandma).
  • The pizza pizza we frequently see Knives and Scott at is across from ‘Honest Ed’s Bargain’…mall I guess you would call it. Ed Mirvish, who started it, went on to develop the Theatre District in Toronto, and the Mirvish Productions company is responsible for some of the biggest hits to come through Toronto. (Dirty Dancing, Jersey Boys, Phantom of the Opera, Joseph, Lion King, etc.)
  • Casa Loma (the castle where the ‘movie’ is being filmed) is where my prom was supposed to be, only they apparently refuse to host proms due to highschooler’s being destructive.
  • Pretty sure I’ve walked by the house that was Scott’s about a million times before.
  • Just up Bloor street from the Pizza Pizza (if you were to make a left at the Pizza Pizza), there is this AMAZING coffee shop that I used to go to. Cannot remember the name of it for the life of me.
  • The Second Cup that Scott’s sister works at has an awesome little lounge area inside, but is rarely ever quiet enough to enjoy it.
  • I believe it’s only two or three doors down from said Second Cup is an amazing tea shop.


  1. TbR

    You've sold it to me – I'm going to see it next week.

    It's great when you recognise places in films – I'm so unused to it, it's always a shock!

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