It’s September 11th. Every year since the Twin Towers, I’ve written some sort of post to commemorate. A post to remember those whose lives were taken in an act of cruelty and horror that seems almost unreal. That should have stayed in the movies, but somehow crossed into reality.


Each year, as the day goes on, I feel my heart breaking just a little bit more about the things I hear. The conspiracy theorists who get so caught up in what they think happened that they start missing the point.


Frankly, it doesn’t matter at this point who did it. What matters is, they died. Innocent people lost their lives. Brave men and women whose only goal was to save the few that survived died. People who deserve respect, and our thoughts.


It bugs me how society moves on from such tragedies. How they become a shadow of the past. Just like Remembrance Day. One of the schools I went to, someone actually started a petition to have the moment of silence removed from school, the radios and television because it wasn’t pertinent to us.


While I realize not being there makes it difficult to feel the same impact one might feel having lived through it, does it make it any less deserving of our homage and thoughts?


Living in the past may hinder moving forward, but forgetting the past makes us likely to repeat it.


To everyone who passed because of an act of cruelty, may you always be remembered by those fortunate enough to have not been there, cherished by those who loved you, and may your eternal rest be one of peace.


  1. Jennifer

    Today is an unfortunate anniversary, but I always try to remember it in love and not in hate. Give love to those who lost someone and to those fighting to keep us safe…

    If we hate those who did it, then we're only donating more to the problem…

  2. Yanni

    Our past and our history should always be considered pertinent to us. That's the whole point of the remembrance days.
    I wish people would actually think about it more often.

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