When acceptance, or the lackthereof, leads to death…

My small little town has been in the news a fair chunk lately. And not once for something positive. First, it was the woman who went missing, and was found murdered twenty minutes outside of town.


Now, it’s about a double-suicide. A story that went as far as to reach the apparently ever-famous Perez Hilton.


What is the reason this one stretched so far? It’s a tale of tragedy surrounding the lack of acceptance. Two lesbians, one technically still a youth, the other a young woman, went missing last week. They said goodbyes to friends who immediately called police, left letter for their parents, then disappeared.


They were found a few days ago in a wooded area on the side of town.

The reports and articles released have the mother pinning the blame of the deaths on the police. What she failed to mention (conveniently) to the reporters, was that she had kicked her daughter out of the house immediately upon hearing that her daughter was gay.


It’s heartbreaking, the whole situation. I feel for the friends and family of these girls who felt the only way out was death. The only way to find love and acceptance was to face the cold emptiness of the grave.


At the moment however, I don’t feel for the mother. At least, I don’t feel pity or pain for her. At the moment, I feel anger and disgust. I feel angry about the fact that she would throw her child out for that. Turn her back and close the door, when telling her was probably the hardest thing her daughter ever did. And I feel disgusted by the fact that this woman is trying so hard to pin the blame elsewhere, that she is blaming the police for her daughter committing suicide.


It breaks my heart to think of what my gay friend may have come up against, even in this day and age. It makes me fear for the friends I have who are transgender and are pursuing the changes necessary for them to become the gender they feel they should have been. Is this what we have to expect from a world that proclaims acceptance and progression? Is this all we have to expect: hatred and disgust where love and nurturing should be?


  1. Emily Jane

    This is heartbreaking, and I feel disgust toward the mother just reading about it. On a happier note, I had to check out your blog when I read the title – high five for a fellow geek 🙂

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