The word speaks for itself.


Okay, not really. But the show certainly does. 8 months ago I had never seen a single episode, and though I had seen Serenity, I had never quite understood it.


Now, I’ve watched the series thoroughly twice, and the movie twice after. I’m in love. At the same time, I am completely heartbroken that the show was cancelled. It was in fact, quite brilliant.


I can’t geek out too much in this post with extensive details in my post, as there is a certain big sister of mine that might murder me for doing that on my blog when I promised it in a letter to her.


But I will say this.


Wash’s death did not do him justice in the slightest. Not one bit.


I’d like to say he shouldn’t have died. That it wasn’t fair, and the comic relief he offered should not have been robbed from us (even though, technically it already was, due to the show’s cancellation). I could argue that with a cast like that, killing them off was more than cruel, it was heartless.



But of course, the show wasn’t a fairytale. It was a sci-fi western. And in both sci-fi’s and westerns, main characters ALWAYS die. Plus, it probably would get boring if writer’s stopped killing off characters solely because fans didn’t want them dead.


I was upset to see Sheppard die as well, but I was proud of his death. As unfair as it was being killed by the Alliance because of Mal, it was heroic. He stayed alive until the end. Even when he knew all odds were against him, and the chances of survival had all been eliminated, he didn’t stop fighting. He was given a few moments at the end to speak wisdom into Mal’s life, make a couple of jokes, and die in a way that did good ol’ Sheppard Book justice.


Now Wash had even more of a main role than Sheppard did in the series. He was the pilot. He was Zoe’s husband. He was the comic relief. And how does he die? In an instant, shot through the body by one of the Reaver’s massive steaks.


No epic death scene. No final words or farewells. No last jokes and parting words. He was there, and then he was gone.


I suppose one could argue that it is more realistic that way, but come on!


Besides that one bone to pick, I’m in love. I could watch it over and over again and never tire.


So now I pose this question to you Firefly fans (or haters) out there. What were you disappointed with in regards to the show (besides it being cancelled, because let’s face it, we all know that was the worst decision ever made.)


  1. Patch

    Well okay, besides the show being cancelled… I hate Fox for ruining it by not playing the episodes in order. But being South Africa, that obviously did not affect my love for it. Let's see hmmmm….

    I can't say there's much I hate – if anything, not even Wash' death. If there's anything I hate it's the things we're never going to find out. Like Brooke's past, the deal with the Blue Sun and WHAT THE HELL was in those syringes Inara was holding in the pilot when they were preparing for a possible Reaver attack?!

    Yeah, it's the not-yet-known-which-will-now-never-be-known-thanks-to-Fox that really bugs me.

  2. Jade Carver

    Patch – they just released a comic all about Book and his past.

    I really wish they could have expanded/tied up all the loose threads and mysteries. Even in comic book form like they're doing with Buffy and Angel. Sigh.

  3. Eleni

    First, I just have to say: the cancellation of Firefly is one of televisions greatest tragedies.

    Next: Well, Joss Whedon never did have trouble killing off lovable characters (Buffy, Angel, and even Dr. Horrible have some heart-breakers). Whedon said that he killed off Wash so that in the final battle scenes, we'd feel like it was possible that anyone could die. It certainly worked: After Book died, I kind of thought to myself, “Oh, OK, they offed the old guy, that makes sense, now they've filled their quota of killing a major character, everything's going to turn out fine from now on.” Killing Wash was so shocking, and I was definitely on edge for the rest of the battle.

    It is very sad, though. For those of us who like to think about what it would have been like if the show had gotten picked up again after Serenity, it's disappointing to think that the show would go on without Wash. But really, the only way that things could have been right is if it hadn't been canceled in the first place, and Serenity had never had to happen (the story could have played out over multiple seasons, and could have turned out very differently). So basically, once I accept that we're not going to see any more Firefly, I'm OK with the fact that Wash is gone, because it's not like we're robbed of him. Still, it breaks my heart that Zoe never got the beautiful baby she wanted with him 🙁

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