The doctor’s appointment from hell…

Some of you may recall that a few months back I went to a sleep centre to be tested for sleep apnea.

Well, a couple weeks back I had my appointment with the doctor to get my results. I realize, I’m a bit behind on sharing this (and reading your blogs), but I do apologize… I ended up having to work for 14 days straight and just couldn’t find it in me to blog after work each day.


I’m not someone who dislikes doctors very easily. In fact, with all the doctors I’ve had to see over all the years, there are only two in my past (prior to this) that I can recall disliking.

One, because he didn’t even take the time to discuss with me any medical history, prescribed me an antibiotic that it turned out I was immune to (apparently, if you take amoxicillan(sp?) for an extended period of time, you build up an immunity), which ended in me being rushed over to the ER because I couldn’t breathe because my strep throat ended up choking me because it wasn’t treated.

The second, was the moronic doctor who I saw when I was having MAJOR insomnia my first year of college due to extreme stress, anxiety and high levels of depression. After I told him multiple times I was struggling with depression, and already having that low feeling of not wanting to do anything, he prescribed me depressants, telling me it was probably just in my head, thus resulting in me being knocked out in a drug induced coma for 48 hours straight.

Considering I’ve seen well over 30 doctors in my short lifetime, that’s not a bad record.

But this sleep centre dude? By far the WORST doctor I have ever encountered. Enough so that I am actually contemplating filing a formal complaint against him.

My mom and I arrived half an hour early for the appointment and they stuck us in a consultation room right away. I figured this meant the doctor was running early, if we got in that quickly. An hour and a half later, he finally waltzes into the room. Now, I understand doctor’s run late. But an hour late for an appointment? That’s ridiculous.

As we start the appointment, he first tells me I slept normally the entire night. We’re pretty sure he was reading the wrong charts, because I definitely did not sleep normally.

He then starts going into questions that right from the get-go sounded more like psycho-analysis questions, and less like a doctor interested in finding out what was wrong with his patient. The first twenty minutes of questioning had nothing to do with my sleep. Finally, when it did get around to my sleep, he tried to dismiss everything we said. When my mom tried to explain that even as a child, we had issues with my sleeping, he dismissed it as ‘Well, no child likes to go to bed.’ True. But once you get them in there. Most will fall asleep. It’s not normal for a nine-year old to not be able to fall asleep until three and four in the morning, when they’re up every day by six-thirty.

He asked what methods we tried to fix it, we explained all the ones that are ‘by-the-book’. From meditation and regulating sleep hours, to natural herbs and remedies, aromatherapy… you name it.

Then, he noted the comments about my being bi-polar and being treated for it.

From there, the whole conversation went sour. While continuously commenting that he knew NOTHING about psychiatry, he would question the diagnoses, try and make me slip up to prove that I wasn’t really bi-polar, then in the same breath blame all my sleep issues on this bi-polar that he made it clear he didn’t believe I had.

When we pointed out that my sleep habits are not affected at all by my bi-polar (except in the EXTREME situations where I get complete insomnia for days on end), he waved it off and ignored it.

The end of the appointment, he then goes ‘Well, you should try meditation. And read these pamphlets. I’ll probably prescribe you such and such drug. But I want to converse with your psychiatrist.’

I thought that was a little weird, considering we had already dismissed the bi-polar connection, but I passed the information on to him anyway.

Wouldn’t you know it, that arrogant son-of-a-bitch called my psychiatrist right after I left and reamed her out, accusing her of misdiagnosing me because ‘she’s far too intelligent, articulate and well-put together to have a mental illness.’ Uhm excuse me? WTF?

Apparently, their argument lasted for her entire lunch break the next day, wherein he tried to tell her that she didn’t know what she was talking about, and tried to tell her that while he knows nothing about psychiatry, there is no way that I could have gone as long as I did without it being detected.

When she explained that I had Bi-polar II, which is harder to detect and much more mild, and that considering I had been dealing with it since childhood it was fairly normal I had learned a large amount of control over it, making it even harder to detect, he replies ‘Well I’ve never heard of bi-polar II so I’m not quite sure what you’re talking about.’

I have never, ever been more appalled by a doctor’s behaviour before. I am certainly not returning to him for my next appointment, and as I said earlier, am considering filing a formal complaint.

What an asshole.

4 thoughts on “The doctor’s appointment from hell…

  1. The nerve of the guy! I'd def fill out the formal complaint. If it was one of the laundry list of things (except for calling your doctor which was out of line) it might be forgivable, but all of them at once, in one visit!

    Make his life as difficult as you can!

  2. Oh. My god. PLEASE file a formal complaint, that is just horriffic. Seriously? What a useless, arrogant jerk. How the hell did he graduate and become a doctor when he not only doesn't know what in the hell he's talking about but is a total douchebag as well?!

  3. If you don't complain, I think I'll have to embark on some imaginative transatlantic stalkage, track down his details and complain myself.

    That's disgusting, honestly.

  4. I guess by immunity you meant resistance to these antibiotics and its amoxicillin.

    Sorry had to correct that because apparently, when you get a lot of knowledge about something, you just can't resist correcting others hehe.

    And i totally agree with you on doctors(well most) being dislikeable people, i have had a few bad experiences with em myself.

    Yes, i am a new visitor and totally like your blog!, you should see me as your new follower now 😉

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