The official, verified Star Wars and Lucasfilm Twitter account officially acknowledged my existence yesterday by retweeting one of my tweets.


I’m kind of in fangirl heaven right now.


And hey, who knows, now that they know I exist, maybe that’s just one step closer to becoming an official Star Wars novelist.


Either way. I am officially the coolest Star Wars nerd ever.


Oh, and that one re-tweet by them? Got me over 30 followers overnight. Apparently, being retweeted by @starwars makes people think I’m cool.
Update 2017/12/11 – For those of you reading through my archive posts, I thought it was worth mentioning…because of this retweet, I met my now husband. Yep. I met my husband because of Star Wars. <3


  1. TbR

    Well I already thought you were cool, but I suppose this does remove any lingering doubt. Not that I had any lingering doubts of course.

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