Remember the men and women who gave up all they had and died with nothing, so that we could have everything.


Remember the men and women who fought not because they believed in the war, but because they had no choice.


Remember the men and women, who did what they did for their families and the future of their children, to ensure their freedom of faith and life.


Remember the innocent who paid for the crimes of the greedy and powerful.


Remember the civilians who were bombed by governments who didn’t want to play by the rules of engagement.


Remember the young boys who were coaxed with a romantasized view of the war, only to discover how false that lie was.


Remember, remember, because once we forget, the lives that were lost become meaningless, and those of us moving forward will likely make the same mistakes again.


Remember how millions of people suffered because of fear of standing up against someone so evil that the whole world felt his impact.


Remember, because it is the least we can do to honour those who stood for us.




I’ll be remembering. How about you?


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