If you live in Canada, and your cell phone provider is Bell, then today, you have a chance to make a difference.


If you know someone in your contact list who is a Bell user, you too have the chance to make a difference.


Today is Bell’s Let’s Talk day, in support of Mental Health awareness. For every text sent and every long distance call made by Bell customers, they will donate 5 cents to Mental Health research.


Today, we fight to break the stigma.


Mental Illness doesn’t make you less of a person.


It doesn’t make you crazy, it doesn’t mean that your life is forfeit.


It can be beaten.


Don’t believe me? Then look no further than me for proof.


I have struggled with depression, anxiety and everything that goes with is since I was 6 years old. I’ve cut, I’ve attempted suicide, I’ve had manic episodes, I’ve even run my life into the ground because I didn’t know I could fight. I didn’t know that I didn’t have to succumb to it.


Two years ago, I was officially diagnosed with BiPolar II disorder. I talked. I got help.


Now? I live life normally. I get up every day, I smile, I laugh. I am a good worker, I can maintain a regular job. I have relationships. I’m calm when I used to be angry.


I may have BiPolar, but that doesn’t mean I AM BiPolar.


Mental Illness doesn’t define you. Your life is yours. You can beat it.


So today, Let’s Talk.


Let’s beat the stigma.


Let’s change lives.


  1. GFM

    I have issues in general with Bell and their corporate responsibility business, however, this is an important issue.

    Thanks for sharing your story! Great post.

  2. the Tsaritsa

    I think it's great when companies spread awareness like this. Anxiety and depression are no joke, but they can be dealt with– I'm still struggling with mine, but it gets better.

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