I meant to post this sooner upon my return, but life has been a little crazy and hectic since getting back.


Needless to say, just like the last time I was in the Big Apple, I left my heart there. Just like the last time, I was overwhelmed and smitten by the city all at once. And really, I wouldn’t have it any other way.


The best part about the trip, obviously, was getting to spend an entire weekend with Lana. Just like my other meetings with blogger friends, there was no awkwardness, no hesitation of the friendship. It just is as it always has been. The only adjustment is getting used to seeing the other person’s face instead of their profile picture.


Unfortunately, Lana was pretty sick the whole weekend and I was still getting over my whacked out cold, so the energy levels weren’t exactly high. But it was still a blast. She showed me all over the place, took me to the places I want to, and of course, had me try the best pizza I have ever had in my entire life. Don’t believe me it was that good? Apparently, I made ‘sex faces’ as I was eating it. Yes, that good.


I’m pretty sure pizza is ruined for me until I go back to New York again. I mean, just look at that pizza! My mouth is watering just THINKING about that pizza.


I also got to try some real New York cheese cake (foodgasm), and while I still maintain that Toronto hot dogs are much better, got to try a pretty good hot dog from one of Lana’s favourite vendors.


We also tried to go up to the top of the Empire State building, but it was WAY too foggy, so we had to settle for a picture next to the model of it instead.


We literally ran all over New York on my last day there. From Union Square, where we had lunch at a cute but insanely busy cafe called Coffee, visited the Chocolate store AND Forbidden Planet, down to Battery Park to witness the biggest Weeping Angel in the world (thankfully not close enough to have to worry about not blinking). I also got high fived by a squirrel there. And yes, I mean a real squirrel. Ask Lana, she saw the whole thing. It was pretty epic.


After Battery Park, we went to SoHo so that I could try the world’s best coffee at a place called Gimme Coffee. Was not disappointed. Then, pizza at Ray’s (now called Roio’s in honour of his home country), then back into the downtown core for the Empire State Building, Rockafellar Centre and the Lego Store (which sadly, was closed 🙁 ).


Our night out the night before consisted of hanging out at a bar for Lana’s birthday where we had fun making fun of two guys who just couldn’t get the hint and their failed attempts at picking up every girl in that part of the bar. We walked around Manhattan for a bit after that, and I found out COYOTE UGLY IS REAL!!!!!! Then we ordered out food and stayed up in the hotel until 5am. Apparently, staying up that late doesn’t go over so well anymore.


  1. Cary

    Ah, NYC. I miss it, too. My parents surprised me with a three day trip for my 21st birthday and it was amazing. I want to go back so badly and see everything I didn't the first time. Your pictures are awesome! 😀

  2. Shaneiferd

    Man, I'm so jelly. I've seen several blogger friends post pictures of NYC and I really want to see it. Not just for the (holy crap, is that real?) big slices of pizza. I also give you two thumbs-up for high-fiving a squirrel. Cross that off the bucket list! I'm guessing they are so used to seeing humans in that area that they don't even run away from them.

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