I Am Canadian… and finally, proud of it too.

A couple years, I posted about how I’m not proud to be Canadian because I couldn’t really see what it meant to be Canadian. At the end, I said I would never feel any different. Looking back, it’s a little silly that I would say something like that because I have so much life ahead of me.


But the thing is, that has changed. It changed because the premise for why I’m not proud to be Canadian has changed. The whole reasoning behind it was that I couldn’t identify with what our culture and basis was because we are so multicultural. What exactly does it mean to be Canadian?


The closer I’ve become to some of my American friends, and after visiting the states a couple of times in the last six months, I’ve started to see a few more things of what it means to be Canadian.
Being Canadian is about many things. Being Canadian is about passion and fire. It’s about acceptance and embracing change. Fighting for what we believe in, fighting to protect our own and fighting for this amazing country we’ve been given.


It’s about maple syrup, poutine and lots and lots of bacon. It means being able to practice my faith without having to worry about facing any sort of criminal punishments.


I live in a country where I can strive to be who I want to be and do what I want to do. We say sorry all the time and apologize when you bump into us. We love nature, beer and sitting on a patio on the edge of the lake with our friends.


Hockey will always be a Canadian sport, and some of Hollywood’s top actors were born and raised in the Great White North. We have Scott Pilgrim, the Rocky Mountains, and Whistler BC.


There are so many more reasons (and a lot less materialistic reasons!) why I’m Proud to Be Canadian. But for once, in my life, I can say it.


I say eh, aboot and zed. I call American Cheese white cheddar, and Canadian Bacon isn’t Canadian Bacon, it’s peameal bacon.


My name is Tabitha, and I am Canadian.


Happy Canada Day everyone!


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