We already know I’m a sappy romantic. I’ve spoken for years at how I bawl my eyes out every time I see Ever After, or any other romance where the girl ends up with her ‘Prince Charming’.


This time around, it was my chance to live that fairytale. It’s a little bit silly, and a little bit over-sappy, but it’s my story, and I hope, in the least, it brings hope to others who have found themselves waiting on love longer than they should like.


I still remember the first time I was able to comprehend Disney World, the experience, and everything to do with it. The very first time I went, at the age of six, it was exciting and magnificent, but there wasn’t any real power in the trip. It was that second time, when I was ten, and was first starting to discover the ideas of romance and love, dreams and wishes that Disney World struck a moment in my heart that would last forever.


I stood with my family, watching the fireworks at Magic Kingdom. That magical, exciting, mind-blowing fireworks show that is so magnificent it creates a surreal atmosphere. As always, the show kicks off with a song about dreams coming true. I watched, my eyes wide with fascination, and as the music struck a cord with my heart, I made the wish that one day, I would be there to watch this magnificent show with my own prince charming.


As I grew up, and struggled further with being teased, being alone, depression and feeling unwanted, I started to lose hope in that dream. High school was nearing an end, and still, I seemed to only ever be the hold-over girl until the next best thing came along, or I was simply overlooked.


When I was 17 we returned to Disney. I remember standing, staring up at those fireworks, fighting the tears in my eyes as I felt like my heart was breaking. I felt like that one wish from my childhood would never come true.


Broken heart after broken heart, the wish began to fade. It began to fade until it was nothing more than a faint flickering hope in the back of my mind. Eventually, I forgot about it, as did my heart.

As some of you know, Scott and I took our honeymoon at Disney. I am dead serious when I say that that was one of the stipulations I gave him before he proposed — I would only marry him if he was willing to go to Disney for our honeymoon. That wish I had made years ago and been pushed so far away, I didn’t even remember it while we were planning our trip.


It wasn’t until we were standing on the edge of Main Street USA, staring up at the beautiful display of fireworks, and A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes started to play, that it all came rushing back. And I, at the age of 27, burst out sobbing. I was crying so heavily that Scott started to get worried. I tried to assure him that there was nothing to worry about and I’d explain when I calmed down. I cried for a good five minutes as a mix of all the pain from over the years, all the broken hearts and all the joy at that moment came rushing together.


There I was, watching the fireworks with my own Prince Charming. A man even more amazing, and far better suited to me than any man I could ever imagine. And what made him even more perfect, was that he wasn’t embarrassed in the slightest to be standing next to his blubbering, 27 year old wife in the middle of Walt Disney World.


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