So much to wrap my mind around.

I know I promised a post, and it’s still coming, I swear. There has been a lot to process, and a lot I’ve wanted to post about over the last little while, and combined with the insanity of municipal elections, I’ve been having trouble gathering my thoughts.


Of course, elections are one of the things I want to write about, as well as an update about our vacation, but there are also some incredibly serious issues that have been weighing on my heart. For those of you who do not follow me on Facebook, over the month of September there were 8 fatalities from car accidents in our town, a small town with a population of 28,000 people. Over the year there has been close to 20. Four of those 8 died in less than 24 hours from each other.


There has also been the issue of a man who used to go to our church who has gone missing. He has a very young daughter (2 or 3) and has been missing since September 30.


As I mentioned, work has also kept me quite busy with preparation for our municipal elections, dealing with candidate profiles, dealing with candidates and all that jazz. One thing I will say is working politics from the reporter side has definitely reminded me why I stepped away from politics and politicians several years ago. I’ll do a post further on this later, but it never ceases to amaze me how immature politicians are, especially during elections.


Despite all that heavy-hearted stuff, I am quite pleased to say that there has been a lot of good going on lately. I found out that I am going to be a first-time aunt and am uber excited. I’m helping out on the planning committee of what I consider to be a very important local event/fundraiser, and am going to be launching the social media campaign for it soon. I’ve also had the opportunity to cover what I consider to be some really great stories, which I’ll be talking about on my blog, specifically one about this incredible non-profit that is changing the lives of at-risk and aboriginal youth in Canada. What this organization is doing is SO incredible that I was actually left both breathless and speechless at the end of our TWO HOUR interview today.


So I PROMISE, posts are coming. And they’ll be good. Real, darn good.

One thought on “So much to wrap my mind around.

  1. I’m a little concerned about my excitement over you becoming an aunt. I don’t really think my level of YAY!!! is completely normal. My dad actually said to me, “you DO know you guys aren’t the same person, right?” and I just stared at him like, “does not compute. This conversation has grown tiresome.”

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