It’s time to stop waiting.

With the relaunch of my blog under its new URL, I am taking the first steps towards truly pursuing my dreams. The last few months where I have tried to focus on blogging with a purpose has made me realize that whether or not people are actively reading them, my thoughts, my words and my views matter.

I have spent far too much of my life hesitating because I believed that my words and my passions weren’t valid; that I wasn’t qualified to be pursuing the things I wanted to pursue and the messages that I want to share.

I somehow got it in my head that until I was an award winning journalist! took Bible school, or became a published author in another field that I had no right to be taking a stand. I allowed the naysayers and the people who told me I needed to stop talking to silence me, believing that my challenge to current ideas and practices and events were too radical to ever be truthful.

But often, the people who make the biggest difference, who become the most radical history makers and earth shakers are rarely the ones who already have it all together. In the Bible, God favoured the underdogs, the ones who were seemingly incapable of making a difference. Jesus himself was an underdog, born and raised in poverty, with radical ideas that shook the foundations of religion and practices of that day.

The truth is, if I keep waiting for myself to hit the ‘perfect place’ in life, or to become the perfect Christian before I start fighting to make a difference, then it’s never going to happen. It’s time for me to stop waiting and start taking action. Which means taking my blog more seriously, and sitting down and writing my book. It means it’s time for me to stop questioning, stop fearing and start doing. It’s time for me to turn my thoughts and dreams into actions, and as of right now, it’s time to stop making excuses.

2 thoughts on “It’s time to stop waiting.

  1. Whoohoo! I love seeing you get fired up! Such awesome stuff comes out of it!

    And I agree with you–it can be SO hard to feel like you have a right to speak. But if everyone waited to be perfect before they spoke up, nothing would ever be said!

    1. Thank you!!! There was a time when that fired up didn’t go so well, but I’ve learned to harness it and start channeling it into the good stuff.

      And you are SO right. Noone is ever going to be perfect (try as we might), so there’s no point in waiting. Change come when action is taken, regardless of the point in your life that you are at.

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