It’s been a busy couple weeks; why I’ve been posting less

As any other bloggers can attest, when you get in a good groove of posting regularly, it feels kind of painful to have it thrown off. But fear not, wonderful readers, this particular decline is NOT the start of the new trend here! I actually have a VERY good reason why my blog has been updated less (and no, for once, it’s not work related).

Those of you who follow me on Facebook already know this, but since this is new to the rest of you, I’m going to act all crazy excited again when I tell you that SCOTT AND I ARE OFFICIALLY HOMEOWNERS!!! As of Friday, we officially took possession of our new house aka the house we’ve been renting a basement apartment in for two years. It’s a strange feeling, but it feels good.

Originally we had zero intention of even looking at buying for at least five years, but the opportunity arose, and things worked. Right now, we’re in the process of getting the upstairs repainted (thank you dad!), and starting to move ourselves into the upstairs so we can rent out the basement. It’s kind of bittersweet – we’ve built such a wonderful home downstairs – but we also think it’s the right move for us. It will be more room, a kitchen I am MADLY in love with, and Scott is crazy excited to finally have a dishwasher.

So over the next week, we’re going to be focusing on moving and cleaning the apartment to make way for new tenants.

And in the meantime, I promise not to disappear from the blogosphere entirely.

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