Monthly Archives: April 2015

Baltimore, Ferguson, and the Heart of the Matter

Over the last year, we have watched from afar as cities in the United States have been ripped apart from protests gone wrong, as many Americans have taken to the streets to protest the injustice dealt to them at the hands of law-enforcement officers. What began as outrage over the shooting of Michael Brown, has led to a series of …

Isabella’s Heiress Review

FREE BOOK GIVEAWAY and review of Isabella’s Heiress, a dramatic book that looks at life after death, following a young woman who finds herself on the mysterious Twilight plane following her untimely demise

Live-Action Mulan Dream Casting

While many people are getting tired of the constant live-action remakes of Disney movies, I am over here lapping them up and throwing my money at them for MORE MORE MORE. Partly, because I love the sort of darker yet more realistic look they’re giving the stories, like how Maleficent got her background story, but also, because it’s Disney, and …