While many people are getting tired of the constant live-action remakes of Disney movies, I am over here lapping them up and throwing my money at them for MORE MORE MORE. Partly, because I love the sort of darker yet more realistic look they’re giving the stories, like how Maleficent got her background story, but also, because it’s Disney, and anything Disney is like a drug to me. (Seriously… you should ask Scott what happens to me the instant we set foot in the Disney Store).

Which is why, when they announced the live-action Mulan release earlier this week, I was like MULAN, HELL YA!

Seriously, I reacted just like this.

On Monday, BuzzFeed posted their dream cast for Mulan, and well, it was less than impressive. I only agreed with one of their suggestions, and that’s because that actor is one Badass Mo’Fo.

So I decided, why not do my own list.


Mulan being the most important, also comes first. There are a number of actresses that I wouldn’t mind seeing play Mulan, but for me, it really comes down to two actresses. Ming Na would be awesome of course, since she did the original voice of Mulan, but it might be pretty hard to pull off a much younger girl. So, the role, to me should go to either:

Lana Condor


Lana is an unknown actress set to make her screen debut in Xmen: Apocalypse. She totally looks like a Mulan, and if she can pull off Jubilee, she can definitely pull off Mulan. Besides, can’t you totally see her doing the ‘Ping’ scene? Plus her name is Lana, so bonus points in my books.


Claudia Kim

Claudia is pretty badass, and is mainly known for her upcoming role in Avengers: Age of Ultron, and for playing my favourite character in Marco Polo, warrior ‘princess’ Khutulun. She’s hot, she’s awesome, and she can fight, so a bonus for playing a role like Mulan already. Personally, out of the two, I think I would prefer Claudia.


Li Shang is one of my favourite Disney ‘Princes’ so to speak. I love how apologetic he is at the end for being kind of a dunce. One actor comes to mind right away for this character to me.

Rick Yune


For starters, Rick looks pretty much like the real life version of Li Shang. He’s also pretty. Really pretty. And, he’s a fantastic actor. It would be nice to see him play a lead role as a good guy for a change, as most movies/shows I’ve seen him in he either has a really minor good role, or plays a bad guy (and he killed JESSE *cries*).


MUSHU is still one of my favourite sidekicks. He’s hilarious, he’s spunky, plus, he’s a DRAGON! (He’s not a lizard, he doesn’t do the tongue thing!) His lines are still some of my favourites, and I have to admit, several of them I use quite regularly.

Eddie Murphy


There is clearly no other choice than Eddie Murphy for Mushu. Buzzfeed suggested Jackie Chan, and as much as I love the guy, HE AIN’T NO MUSHU! Mushu is still either going to have to be animated or CGI with voice only. If they choose to keep him in, changing the voice from Eddie to Jackie just isn’t going to work. For starters, the personality. Jackie is a loveable, awkward, adorable man. I could not ever see him speaking with the kind of attitude and pizzaz that we have come to love and adore Mushu for. Eddie on the other hand IS Mushu.


FA ZHOU is an awesome character. I actually hope we’ll get to see a slightly bigger role for him in the live-action, because he’s a fantastic on-screen father. I love the relationship between him and Mulan, and even through the short scenes in the film, you see this constant struggle in him between loving and being proud of his daughter for who she is, and the fear of breaking away from tradition.

Jet Li


Jet Li often gets overlooked, I feel, for more ‘normal’ roles because of his insanely amazing fighting skills. One of my favourite movies with him is The One, because I love his main character in it; normal (for the most part), sensitive, and just kind of a victim of circumstance. I think he’d do a fantastic job as Mulan’s father, particularly in the scene when Fa Zhou is trying to ready himself for war.


Shan Yu is obviously a very important character, because he’s the big bad. He’s a mongolian monster, who’s thirst for overthrowing the emperor and taking over China is reminiscent of Kublai and Gengis Khan’s same desires. Some have speculated online whether or not the character is meant to actually BE one of the two.

Benedict Wong


Benedict is the only one that I was in agreement with Buzzfeed on. I was first introduced to him through Netflix’s series, Marco Polo, where he plays Kublai Khan. He does a fantastic job, and is the first and only actor that I could see doing an incredible job of playing such a villainous, China-conquering-obsessed character.


There’s not really a lot needed to be said about the Emperor, so I’ll skip straight to my choice.

Chow Yun Fat


Reasoning: Firstly, I could totally see him as the Emperor. Secondly, the Emperor is badass, and Chow Yun Fat is badass. Enough said.


Grandma Fa is frigging awesome. She’s a hilarious and well-written character, has some awesome lines, and needs to be played by someone who is good at portraying a less than sane Chinese woman. That my friends, left one clear choice in my mind.

Lucille Soong


If you’ve seen the remake of Freaky Friday, then you’ll probably be able to see why I think she’d do a fantastic job as Grandma Fa. She’s hilarious, and has that whole ‘crazy’ thing down-pact when it comes to acting.


Fa Li is another great role. BuzzFeed suggested Ming Na, who did Mulan’s voice originally. I love the idea of incorporating Ming Na, but I really don’t see her as Fa Li. The actress I think would do a fabulous job, has actually played the daughter of my recommendation for Grandma Fa before.

Rosalind Chao


Rosalind is an awesome actress, with a great resume. I could totally see her playing the motherly side of Fa Li, but also, the way she and Lucille Soong play off each other in a mother-daughter relationship definitely screams to me Fa Li and Grandma Fa.

And lastly, but certainly not the least:


Obviously, there is only one man for this role, and since he originally voiced the character, it works perfectly.

George Takei


So there you have it, my ultimate dream team for the Mulan movie. Who would you pick for these roles?


  1. Charles

    Mulan was one of my favourite movies to watch with my daughter who was in early grade school when it came out. The other was the Harry Potter franchise. She was Hermoine one Halloween. Mulan was one of the few Disney movies that has a relatively strong female lead (for a Disney movie) that wasn’t a girly girl princess.

    Now that she’s a teenager who is involved in school committees, has homework, a job and a boyfriend, she doesn’t have as much time for her old man but maybe she’ll see the remake with me.

    Thanks for triggering a nice memory.


  2. AbsentElemental

    Yessssss. George Takei was immediately who came to my mind for First Ancestor too. Anyone other than him would be a travesty.

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