Spies, the secret service, and the ‘Amerrorists’

Obviously, I haven’t been around much lately. The reason for that, as some of you know, mainly had to do with a whirlwind trip to Washington, followed by a week of holidays that ended up not really being holidays.

The trip to Washington was amazing, and Scott and I are definitely going to be going back there for a longer visit. The Epilepsy Walk with Lana was fantastic (although, with the slow speed of the crowd, you’d think it was more of a zombie walk), and we had a blast. Clark Kent (Lana’s BF) invited along one of his friends, and we all had fun looking at the sights, and just goofing and laughing. It looked like there was a great turnout for the walk, and it felt amazing to be there supporting my bestie in something that is so important to her.


Washington53We also managed to hit up all the ‘site-seeing’ spots that were on my must-do list, and THE INTERNATIONAL SPY MUSEUM BECAUSE SPIES ARE SO COOL! For reals, I could have spent an entire day there. We spent two hours though, which was also pretty long and pretty awesome. Apparently, from the moment we stepped into the spy museum, I pretty much had my Disney Face on.


Scott and I flew back home at 6am the Sunday morning, so like I said, it was pretty whirlwind. But a blast. Both of us had more fun than we’ve had in a while, and although we were exhausted, decided the trip was definitely worth it. And this time, Lana and I actually got a BUNCH of photos together, unlike our usual one or two, so YAY. The only downside of course, was we never ran into Obama.

We did however encounter a rather disturbing protestor out front of the Whitehouse, who called himself an Amerrorist. He looked like a hippie (with a chain necklace that was completed with a USB key), was shirtless, and holding a sign that read ‘If you get me high, I promise to harrass our government. On his chest was written ‘FREE LUNCH’ pointing down to his wang. I should have snapped a picture, but we were in such shock at what we saw that it didn’t cross my mind until AFTER we booked it away.

Other than that, of course, the day was pretty calm. It was also the Cherry Blossom Parade day, so we caught the tail end of that and were wowed by how many gorgeous cherry blossom trees there were in full bloom around the city.

We also learned that the Secret Service’s vehicle of choice is not a sleek, black sedan like they show in the movies, but is really a white Dodge Caravan. Yup. Apparently the Secret Service is like the Soccer Moms of the government and espionage world.


7 thoughts on “Spies, the secret service, and the ‘Amerrorists’

  1. I’m not particularly surprised at the Secret Service’s choice of a car. After all, if your job is to take a bullet for someone, you really wouldn’t want to be driving a car that you could get attached to.


    2. You’re adorable

    3. I DIDN’T KNOW YOU WERE SO CLOSE TO ME! I live like 3 hours from DC!! Next time you go you should tell me and maybe I can take the train up and meet you!

    4. There is always some crazy person or another standing outside the White House. Last time I was there, a guy had a whole table set up with like 6 posters around it, with this crazy stream-of-consciousness scrawling about how he was a veteran of Vietnam and the government was evil and basically mentioned every possible conspiracy theory except maybe the one about the lizard people.

    5. I’m so jealous that you got to see the Cherry Blossom Festival. I’ve always wanted to go and never made it up for it!

    1. It’s sad really, going back to #4, because these people have been so screwed by life that these conspiracies are the only things that make any sense to them. In a way I’m like, kudos to them for actually getting out there with a sign, even if it doesn’t make any sense.

    2. We really can’t wait to go back! And thank you, I like to think I’m adorable sometimes 😉

      I actually knew that you were pretty close (yay for knowing some American geography!!). I contemplated reaching out to a few friends in the area, but our trip was so short that we wouldn’t have had time to meet up with anyone. Next time we go though, we will DEFINITELY be contacting people 🙂

      There was actually a full protest going on as well while we were there to do with Sierra Leone. I couldn’t quite understand what specifically they were protesting, but it was incredible to see. I’ve never seen an actual protest before (unless you count the three people protesting our tax increase in front of town hall). I can imagine that many war vets end up there, which is sad. But it’s hard not to become jaded and suspicious after being so screwed over. As far as the ‘Amerrorist’ dude, I’m pretty sure we wasn’t really there to protest, just to score free weed and BJS.

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