Women I’d love the chance to interview

As both a writer and a journalist, I’ve always thought about the people outside of my ability to reach out to that I would LOVE the chance to have an interview with. These are people that I either admire, think are totally awesome, or am just absolutely and incredibly intrigued by.

Even if it wasn’t an actual interview for an article, or a blog post, but just the chance to sit down with these ladies; that would be an incredible experience.

Mara-Wilson-profile-21) Mara Wilson

Mara was one of my favourite actors as a child. Being only a year older than her, I wasn’t drawn to her because she was absolutely adorable (even though, let’s face it, she still was one of the most adorable child actresses ever), but rather the boldness that always seemed to be apart of her characters. Particularly in Matilda. I was a rather unhappy child, and did not enjoy life as much as maybe I should have, largely due to the mental illness we didn’t know I had. Despite being so young when I saw it, Matilda was a story about a young girl in a miserable life who found her own happiness. There was also the whole magical power thing, which was awesome, but it was really that boldness to take charge of her own life and be her own person that drew me. I always imagined that Mara Wilson would be just like that in life – a free-thinker, passionate, bold and not worrying about marching to the sound of anyone’s drum but her own.

So last year, when I followed Mara on Twitter and discovered that in fact she was EVERYTHING I had ever hoped she would be as a child, I began actively following her. After walking away from acting as a kid, she has had an impressive life so far. She is vocal, and bold, and has a brilliant mind. Having the chance to interview her would be a huge honour.

jennifer-lawrence-3002) Jennifer Lawrence

Ever since the moment J-Lawr walked onto the main-stage of Hollywood, I have had a massive girl-crush on her. Some people love her, some people hate her; I happen to be in the former of the two categories.

What I love most about her is that she is absolutely fearless. She has no problem taking on the stupid standards of Hollywood when it comes to weight and physical expectations, she’s hilarious, and she loves who she is. She’s also an incredible actress and gorgeous as heck.

Every time I’ve taken one of those ‘who would be your celebrity best friend’ quizzes, I’ve always gotten Jennifer (which has kind of fed into my adoration of her). But in all seriousness, I would picture our interview being in a quaint coffee shop, over a hot cup of whatever just chatting, with lots of laughter.

t100poll_smith_maggie3) Maggie Smith

To be honest, there isn’t a whole lot I know about Maggie Smith. But the little bit I do know is enough to make me want to sit down with her. She’s snarky, and my understanding is that a lot of her fiery lines are ones she improvs. Maggie probably has a lot of interesting stories to tell, and has probably lived the kind of life that could leave you listening to her enthralled for hours.

I would imagine this interview happening over a cup of tea in a peaceful garden; she’d have the a sly smirk, and would probably have tales of mischief that could rival some of the things HP and the gang got up to.

Clara24) Clara Hughes

Clara Hughes is a Canadian Olympian, and the only Canadian Olympian to compete in both the summer and winter Olympics. She’s a champion, but even more than that, she is a massive advocate for mental health, and one of the key people in the Bell Let’s Talk campaign, aiming to break the stigma around mental illness. She continuously shares about her own journey of mental illness, and provides people with a voice.

She is a massive inspiration for me, and is the reason I finally took the step towards speaking out about my own journey with mental illness. It’s because of her I became an advocate for mental health. She helped me to be brave enough to understand that my mental illness didn’t define me, and gave me the courage to fight against it.

This one is kind of cheating, because I have actually met and interviewed Clara before. Before I was a full-time reporter and was still just freelancing a few times a month for the Citizen, Clara came and spoke at one of our high schools about her journey with mental health. The interview was with several other reporters/news personalities, which meant it was less personal.

I did get to meet her and get a picture afterwards, and she told me I was inspiring; that I should keep speaking out because I would change lives. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t cry.

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 8.55.12 PM

I would really love to do a one-on-one interview with her though. She’s a passionate speaker; her words come from her heart and have the capability to ignite a fire you never knew you had. I’ve heard her journey in presentations and through other articles time and time again, but I feel like there would be something more powerful about hearing it in person, without others that she is speaking to.

Queen-Elizabeth-II-5) Queen Elizabeth II

Who wouldn’t want the chance to interview the Queen? She’s one of the longest reigning Monarchs, and has lived through a lot of history. She also comes from a very intriguing bloodline, and just… yeah. Seriously. I would love to just listen to her share history, thoughts on modern day politics, everything!

14 thoughts on “Women I’d love the chance to interview

  1. Excellent choices! I love Jennifer Lawrence, she’s a brilliant actor, comes across as really down to Earth and normal, unlike many celebrities, and is hilarious.

    1. That’s definitely a part of why I adore her so much. Maybe one day, I’ll be well-known enough as a writer to meet her!

    1. I would imagine that on a personal level, she’s quite different than on the level that we often see her at.

      And yeah, Clara is just.. wow. What a beautiful, outstanding human being.

  2. I’d love to be able to interview Mara Wilson. She always seems so well-written in everything she talks about, so I could only imagine this would be the case in an interview. I can honestly say I’ve never wanted to interview the Queen of England in my life. I feel that Americans make far too big of a deal about the British Royal Family. The less I can hear about them, the better.

    1. Honestly, I couldn’t care too much about the Royal Family. The hype usually drives me mad too. I had a HUGE interest in the history of the monarchy (particularly the Tudors) when I was in public school and high school. With the history that Queen Elizabeth has experienced, and all that I would definitely be interested in speaking to her. The others, not so much.

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