September Ipsy Glam Bag Review


Although I love my make-up and love playing around with it, I’ve never really been one to blow a lot of money on it; particularly not since getting married. I’ve often sacrificed any kind of quality makeup at all for the cheap stuff from Ardene’s, Claire’s, or some of the really cheap brands at Walmart and Shopper’s. Unfortunately, that usually means either it doesn’t last very long, or sometimes doesn’t look the greatest.

So in July when a friend posted that Ipsy would be temporarily wiping the wait-list for their monthly Glam Bag makeup subscription, Scott and I decided that it would be worth the investment to try and get some decent makeup in my collection without breaking the bank.

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 2.16.00 PMMy first bag arrived the second week of August, and I was more than ecstatic with it. The colour of eyeliner and lipstick were colours I had never considered using, but they looked INCREDIBLE and actually worked with my eyes and skin type.

Pretty much everything that was in that bag rocked, and chances are I’ll be buying a full-size of that lipstick once it’s out, because it is AWESOME. My favourite thing about the colours that came with that one is that they go well with the natural blush I have and one of my light shadows, making it great for both casual or fancy wear.

I was actually REALLY excited when my September Glam Bag arrived, because I had seen a preview that I could be receiving a fall colours palette of eye shadow from NYX. I LOVE browns; they are my go-to ‘professional’ look makeup, and NYX is a brand I’ve been eyeing for quite a while.

NYX Eye ShadowMuch to my delight, I did in fact receive the NYX eye shadow, and was insanely excited to try it. It’s incredibly light in feeling, and I was a little nervous at first as the main base colour is waaaayyyy darker than the brown’s I normally use. Of course, because of the three colours there are definitely multiple ways I could blend and wear them, but I decided to use it in the basic way first. Even using the darkest shade as the base and working my way up the lid, I found that the shadow went on smoothly, and blended nicely as well. I haven’t tried it yet with a shadow brush, but with the little sponge-applicator it worked great, and I was very happy with the results.

ElizabethMottFillNext up was the Elizabeth Mott Queen of the Fill Tinted Brow Gel. I’m new to the whole eyebrow-liner/tinting stuff. Up until about 6 months ago, I had never touched my eyebrows beyond waxing them, so I’ve been slowly getting up to speed on it. Prior to this, I already have one gel tint that is around the same shade as my brows (MAC makeup, from a gift card), and an eyebrow pencil that is slightly lighter. Queen of the Fill is much lighter than my normal colour, but in application I found that it actually works quite well. Because I have such blonde hair usually, my eyebrows are quite dark in contrast. The gel made them look a little softer, so definitely a fan.

Eyeliner My bag once again included eyeliner (YAAAAASSSSSSSS!!), this time a Bronze colour #MOTD Waterproof liner by J. Cat Beauty. I’m actually really happy with this liner. It works well for just casual makeup (which I will be using at Disney this week!), and also works well with the NYX shadow I got this month. I don’t often use metallics, but this one is quite nice, particularly when you use a lighter base shadow on your lid, like a light brown or beige.

The bag also included two creams, a hand/body lotion called Liquid Freud, which smells fabulous and leaves your hands feeling nice and soft. The second, was an Oxygenating Moisturizing Cream by Naobay. It was hard to tell with this product, as I get red, blotchy skin easily and the oxygenating part, while it felt great, left my face quite red for almost an hour. I have naturally oily skin, and I’ve found that so far, this seems to make my face even more oily.

The first picture below is with all the products used in this bag (save for the creams), and the second is using the bronze liner just casually with a light shadow base (and being excited because I found a giant lollipop that matches my hair).

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 2.22.05 PM

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 2.21.50 PM

Two months in a row with a lot of items I’m impressed with! With that, I’ve got to say I’m pretty excited to see what will be in my October Glam Bag.

5 thoughts on “September Ipsy Glam Bag Review

    1. So far, I would definitely recommend it! It’s a great way to try different brands, types and styles without having to break the bank 🙂

    2. The best thing about it is that you can cancel at any time without any fees or charges. So if you get a few and are not interested, you just end your subscription. That was what sold my husband and I – the fact that we weren’t signing on for anything long-term if we didn’t want to.

  1. I also have used cheap makeup for years, and usually end up using what I buy for months at a time. Honestly, I have been tempted to invest in the more expensive stuff as I pour through ads. I had heard of the Ipsy Glam Bag; now I know what it is. It sounds like an exciting and daring way to approach makeup and step outside your comfort level. I just might have to try it!

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