The next chapter commences


15 years ago, I started my first blog. It was a silly little Xanga journal, used to hide anonymously on the internet and disclose some of my deep, dark secrets in a place that felt safe. Since then, my blogging has evolved into many different forms. In college, it grew from an online journal into a way to express myself and share my writing. Next, it became an anonymous safe haven where I could learn to navigate life and figure out who I was following my diagnosis of BiPolar disorder. From there, it has continued to grow and reshape itself.

Blogging has provided me with more than just an outlet or a place to share my writing; it helped me to develop a boldness and confidence in the words I put out there, in the thoughts that swim around in my head.

While I just completed a relaunch and rebranding last year, it is time for one more change. Arbitrary Scrawling helped me to find something in my blogging I hadn’t before–a focus and investment in my pieces that went beyond just the thoughts in my head. But as the blog grew, it became less about random writings. It instead became more focused. Work went into each of my pieces, as did research, time, and effort.

15 years ago, I never could have dreamed that one day my writing, my work, would have the kinds of reach it has. Sure, it’s still small. I’ve never gone viral and I’ve never exceeded 3000 followers. But I have had people whom I could never have imagined read my writings. I’ve heard from people who said they had been touched by words, inspired, or even challenged.

Most bloggers hope that one day, they can make a living through their words and posts. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t hold that same goal. As I move in that direction, my blog is going to take a more focused step forward. I’ll still be blogging about many of the same things I have in the past,┬ábut with more direction going forward.

If you’ve followed me on my blogging journey thus far, I look forward to seeing you as I move forward again.

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