Fast cars are my only vice



Many of you have noticed I wasn’t around for the longest time. Some of my more recent posts (which have been quite spread out) were a little more intense. Largely, this was due to a 4 1/2 month medical leave followed by a massive job hunt. Some are already aware I am no longer working for the newspaper. For those who aren’t, uhm, surprise?

Before I dive back into my ever so deep, intense, and thought provoking *cough* posts, I thought I’d introduce you all to the work I’m doing now.

Shortly after returning to the newspaper from my leave, I had completed an interview at a local dealership, and told my husband ‘If there was a job I could just take photos of and write about cars all day, I think I’d be pretty content with that right now. Even if it was just stock photos.”

One month literally to that day, a job listing came up for a local automotive company. They were looking for a photographer to take pictures of cars and write descriptions about them. It was the only job I didn’t stress over applying to. Two weeks later, I had the interviews; one week later, I was offered the job.

The first three month of the job was actually really quite cool. I had the opportunity to help launch a brand new way to buy used cars in Canada (*cough* shameless plug *cough*) which ended up meaning shooting a lot of really sick, amazing cars. Cars I actually got to drive (even if it was only about 50 ft). These included two 2013 Teslas, a 2016 Mercedes Benz AMG GT, a number of Lexuses, BMWs, Jags, and other Benz, Minis… you name it.

I was literally in car heaven.

They had a sweet little studio set up with a rotating platform in the back of the warehouse, and we basically spent our day removing stickers and license plates, shooting cars, re-stickering and license-plating them.

cars 1cars 2

The second phase of my job, which started after Zoom was launched, doesn’t see as many of these fancy cars. While that portion was insanely exciting, my actual day-to-day job has its merits as well.

The job itself is pretty straightforward. I have a list of 25 or so shots I have to take of each vehicle, and then I edit and upload. I still get to be creative with my pictures, which means I’m actually getting more practice with finding more ways to provide a variety of unique pictures of cars.

The writing portion is fairly simple, yet at the same time, it’s challenging. I write a rather short description of each vehicle, highlighting their main selling features. The challenge comes into making each one distinct, tailoring them to the specific audience that would be buying that car.

Pretty much, my whole work life now revolves around cars.

And right now, I’m totally okay with that.

cars 3cars 4 cars 5 cars 6



10 thoughts on “Fast cars are my only vice

  1. Okay, 1 – what a freakin’ cool job haha and 2 – it’s amazing what a job we enjoy can do for us, right? Congrats on finding something where you can use your skills while still learning and growing, all while loving it! Props!!

  2. This is – cute. And funny. and heart-warming. and God-affirming. Don’t you just love it when God answers your heart desire because it aligns with His will? Kewl! Beautiful pictures!

  3. Well first of all, this is fantastic that an opportunity opened up like that! Praise Jesus, He is good to us!!! Second, lovely pictures. I really honestly don’t know the difference between a Hyundai and a Honda (Aside from the name) let alone a fancy car but I’m super happy for you that you found something you love! I feel like you must of been popular with the boys in high school LOL!

  4. I am with Leah on not knowing anything about cars. But I do like to look At pictures. Some of them do look like they might be fantastic machines .
    So great that you are working in a job that you love.

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