Something I don’t often talk about on here is how I am just a *little* bit obsessed with decorating. Especially at Christmas.

I’m one of those people who attempts to decorate at least something in every room. Lights, candles, wall stickers, ornaments, you name it! Christmas is the time for me to go wild.

This was our second Christmas living in the upstairs of the house, giving me the opportunity to revamp how I decorated last year a bit. I have this thing about everything having to be perfect.

When someone told me it looked like Martha Stewart had vomited Christmas, it made my day.

There was a time I would have loathed any references to my being Martha Stewart-ish. The idea of being a good housewife made me cringe. But now? Not so much. In fact, I take it as a compliment. It seems getting married and moving out awakened a part of me I didn’t know existed.

This post was supposed to be up weeks ago, but due to life and craziness I had to delay. So, while I disappear to work on some meatier blog posts, please enjoy a collection of some of the photos of my decorating this year.


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