Hello all! Just a note to everyone who has followed my blog for the past few years.

First, thank you so much for your support, comments, and thoughtful discussion! For a variety of reasons, I am changing the direction of my blog. Although I intend to return to writing about social justice issues at some point, at this stage in life I feel I need to step away from it. When I do return to that, an update will be posted to my main Twitter account @Tabitha_Writes. That account will also remain largely unused until I am ready.

One of the reasons I started blogging when I was 13 (omg… I’ve been blogging now for 20 years. Shit.) was to help me navigate through whatever stage of life I was in. While I have loved using my writing to do something more valuable, I feel that I need to return to that. For my sanity, and for the fun of it. So, moving forward, my blog will be focused on navigating parenthood as a geek and as a millennial mom who has escaped the clutches of Evangelicalism and is hoping to raise her son without the indoctrination that brings with it.

If you are no longer interested in following, I totally understand! It’s not really what you signed on for after all.

Thank you again to my readers of all these past years!

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