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Where lightsabers, magic, space travel, spirituality, and pixie dust collide.

Tabitha Wells is a writer, blogger, and photographer from Orangeville, a small-town in central Ontario. She is a graduate of Humber College’s Print and Broadcast Journalism Program (2008) and a former reporter with The Orangeville Citizen (2012-2016). She currently spends her days working as a merchandising coordinator in the automotive sales industry while working on completing her first Fantasy novel. She aspires to one day joining the team of incredible writers behind the Star Wars Universe books.


A total nerd, she enjoys sci-fi & fantasy flicks and books, video games, comic books, and D&D.



She has been writing for as long as she can remember. Though most of her writings as a child included who she thought was cute and what barbies she wanted, as she grew, so did her content, her focus, and her passions. Now, while delighting in her nerdy side, she is passionate about her spirituality and social justice issues.

Outside of her writing, she loves photography, gaming, graphic design, random adventures, and playing D&D with her besties. She also spends her free time working on other creative projects like crocheting and building her stationery design business.



Both hardcore Disnerds, she and her husband, Scott, live in Tabitha’s hometown with their three fluffies, Tali, Arya, and Mara.


She is obsessed with planners, organizing things, and washi tape, loves her tattoos, and would cover her house in nerdy vinyl quotes if she had the space. She’s a firm believer that when it comes to faith, we’ll never have all the answers, and that the journey is one of the greatest parts of following Christ. She fights for inclusivity above exclusivity, hoping that she can help leave the world a better place for the kids she and her husband hope to one day have.

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