The most heartbreaking thing I’ve ever seen…

I encountered a situation at work the other week that actually broke my heart. I didn’t know what to say or do. I had to help a woman cancel a reservation she had for a room with a wedding next year. When I came out to the desk to help her, I had never seen anyone look more distraught and upset. At first, I immediately thought it had to do with the cancellation policy. If only. In tears, the woman[Read more]

Truth vs lie.

This is what my heart says: I have to impress God if I want him to love me. I have to prove myself for God to love me as I am. I have to be perfect and sinless, because Christ’s death was not meant for me. Every time I think I have to impress Him, I am placing limits and boundaries on God. Every time I believe I have to prove myself, I am calling God a liar. Every time[Read more]

God is a mean kid with a magnifying glass…

Even though we know it’s not true, how many times do we unintentionally place God in that position? I’ve found that lately I seem to be putting Him there a lot. I know that’s not His nature, yet in the back of my mind, I fear that He’s just waiting to rip all the good out from under me. I was told once that when we fear giving God our all means giving up something in our life we care[Read more]

When acceptance, or the lackthereof, leads to death…

My small little town has been in the news a fair chunk lately. And not once for something positive. First, it was the woman who went missing, and was found murdered twenty minutes outside of town. Now, it’s about a double-suicide. A story that went as far as to reach the apparently ever-famous Perez Hilton. What is the reason this one stretched so far? It’s a tale of tragedy surrounding the lack of acceptance. Two lesbians, one technically still a[Read more]

When the heartbreaking gets blackened by the heartless…

It’s September 11th. Every year since the Twin Towers, I’ve written some sort of post to commemmorate. A post to remember those whose lives were taken in an act of cruelty and horror that seems almost unreal. That should have stayed in the movies, but somehow crossed into reality. Each year, as the day goes on, I feel my heart breaking just a little bit more about the things I hear. The conspiracy theorists who get so caught up in[Read more]

This kind of stuff isn’t supposed to happen in real life…

I keep waiting for someone from CSI or Criminal Minds to pop up and yell ‘CUT!’ and all this news to turn out to be nothing more than the filming of an episode. It’s so surreal, and so heartbreaking. For those of you who didn’t see my last post about the investigation in the disappearance of a local woman, basically a woman went missing in town with major foul play. Orangeville isn’t really estranged to murders. From the guy who[Read more]

All I can offer are my condolences, but I feel that’s somehow not enough.

Many of you who read me locally know about the situation that is happening in Orangeville right now. For those of you that aren’t from the area, it’s been a crazy week. Last Monday, a local woman was reported missing by her family and shortly thereafter her car was found just off the main street with blood on it, and all the doors left open. Further investigation found the police at her house where blood was also found. There are[Read more]

This song is for the guy who keeps yelling from the balcony and it’s called : We hate you, please, please die

When I first saw the previews for Scott Pilgrim, being unaware that it was part of an awesome comic series, I completely missed the point and thought ‘Man, that film looks lame.’ Largely because Michael Cera, as adorable as he is, only ever plays Michael Cera, which, after Superbad became slightly overdone. But when friends started coming to me, urging me that this would definitely be my kind of movie, I decided to look into what it was all about.[Read more]

Questions that go unanswered…

I don’t know about most people… but I know there are a group of questions in my mind that are my downfall… questions that haunt me and fester and burn until I hit a point where I just can’t take them anymore. I try to be strong, to convince myself that I don’t need answers, because the answers are there. But all too often, I fall prey to the what-ifs. What if I’m wrong, and they’re all right? What if[Read more]

To Save a Life: Part Two – When the going gets tough, the tough get praying.

Do you ever have those moments where it feels like God has taken a sledgehammer and knocked you upside the head with it? Towards the end of To Save a Life, I definitely got one of those. It wasn’t lovely. It hurt. Emotionally, spiritually, and I’m sure I felt the physical reverberations of it. At that point in the movie everything is falling apart for Jake. I’m not gonna give away the spoilers here, but basically, Jake starts feeling like[Read more]