Jesus Christ, I think upon your sacrifice; you became nothing poured out to death

Originally today I was going to do a short story I came up with about Good Friday and the impact of what Christ did. Now, I’m not so sure there are any words I could use to explain the profound depth of His sacrifice. So instead, I am posting something short, simple. I find it a contradiction saying ‘Happy Good Friday’. While it is, in a way something to celebrate, to call it happy is almost buttering the event. It[Read more]

Life: Dig yourself in, or dig yourself

When I got home last night, I was once again, feeling a little depressed. Not so much about life or anything, but about how it seems so difficult for me to fit in. As I was sitting there thinking about that, I realized it doesn’t really matter. Sure, it feels great to have friends, to be part of the action, and to know that people want to spend time with you. But how much do the people at social gatherings[Read more]