The Gift-Knight’s Quest

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing the author of The Gift-Knight’s Quest, Dylan Madeley for just over 10 years now. We met via the Toronto NaNoWriMo chat rooms my first year participating and in person the following year when I began attending ToNaNo events. When he mentioned during this year’s NaNo he was looking for people to read the sequel to this book, I jumped on it. I hadn’t read the first book yet, so of course, I had to[Read more]

An Epilogue to Innocence

While we often find ourselves engulfed in longer stories, driven by a need to consume every extended chapter and continuation, short stories, particularly collections of them, seem to be forgotten in the excitement of series. The art of short stories is one difficult to master; the writer must be able to both share an engaging story that hooks the audience while being able to portray enough about the story for it to make sense. To say author Tim Baughman Jr.[Read more]

Jesus > Religion

You may not recognize the name Jefferson Bethke immediately, but I’m sure at one point you’ve stumbled across his poem, Why I Hate Religion, but Love Jesus on Youtube. When it was first posted, it went viral nearly overnight, as people around the world shared, commented, upvoted or downvoted it. I watched it on repeat over and over again, thinking ‘finally, somebody else gets it’. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, and haven’t seen the video before,[Read more]

Crown of Midnight – S.J. Maas review

One of the things I’ve strongly disliked about this busy season in my life is the little time it has provided for reading. However, as I start to focus on better organization in my life, I’ve been able to fit the time in again. Which meant I finally had the opportunity to sit down and read Crown of Midnight, book two in the Throne of Glass series by S.J. Maas. This particular series has a very, very special place in[Read more]

Isabella’s Heiress review

FREE BOOK GIVEAWAY and review of Isabella’s Heiress, a dramatic book that looks at life after death, following a young woman who finds herself on the mysterious Twilight plane following her untimely demise

The Shadow of the Bear – Book Review

Something I’ve been wanting to do for a while is start posting book reviews regularly. I love reading, but haven’t read as much as I would want lately, and figured this would be a good way to make myself read more. I wanted to kick off the review section with a post about a book by a fellow blogger, Kat Argo. Kat’s blog, A Red Rover, follows her travels reporting on situations most of us strive to avoid. From the[Read more]