It’s time to have another conversation – #BellLetsTalk

Since 2012,  I have sat down every year to speak about the importance of #BellLetsTalk, an annual event designed to break the stigma surrounding mental health and access to mental health care in Canada. My having Bi-Polar and two anxiety disorders is no longer a secret, and part of that is in thanks to #BellLetsTalk. Through meeting one of their spokes people (Olympian Clara Hughes), to reading the hundreds of stories that pour out on this day each year, and[Read more]

Today, let’s show the world that one day can make a difference

Across the country, Canadians are working together today to raise funds to help break the stigma surrounding mental health and mental illness. Bell Let’s Talk, now in it’s fifth year, is an initiative by Bell Media to help raise funds and awareness for mental health. They have committed $67.5 million to support various initiatives throughout the country, and each year on their campaign day, donate money from every phone call and text message sent through their network, as well as[Read more]