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Local poem promotes racism & xenophobia

But perhaps, that is this man’s implicit intent? To tell everyone who is not a Christian that they are not valued. In that, I sure hope to God (quite literally), that this particular businessman does not have any clients of any other religious beliefs. Because if he does, in this awful piece, he tells them that their religions are ridiculous, and have no place here.


Christian University holds education hostage: #LetGaryGraduate

The internet is in an uproar (and rightly so) after a gay man has been denied the right to graduate by his university, a school that has decided to hold his education hostage because he would not fall into line with their outdated views. Although by 2018 it was assumed the human race would have progressed to a point where …

Faith: Can We Live it Without Alienating People?

There has been a lot of talk lately, both internationally and locally about how the choices of the world are trampling on the rights of Christians. Between new sex-ed curriculums, gay marriage, abortion and most recently, a Bill being supported by Indiana’s Governor allowing businesses to exercise their religious freedoms by banning LGBT customers. People declaring that they should not …