September Is the Time For Renewing Yourself


Although there is something super special about the spring for me, the fall is my favourite season. It’s not just because of sweaters, tall boots, hot lattes, and leggings though. My love goes much deeper than that. Fall is marked every September by something incredible–a new beginning.

Facing change head on

Last week, I read a post by a dear young lady I’ve known for a while about some of the change she is facing in her life. As I am about to face a large change in my own life, it made me quite introspective about it all. I am the kind of person who is terrified of change. For years, it was difficult to understand why. But, as I grow to learn more about myself and of how my[Read more]

Jesus > Religion

You may not recognize the name Jefferson Bethke immediately, but I’m sure at one point you’ve stumbled across his poem, Why I Hate Religion, but Love Jesus on Youtube. When it was first posted, it went viral nearly overnight, as people around the world shared, commented, upvoted or downvoted it. I watched it on repeat over and over again, thinking ‘finally, somebody else gets it’. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, and haven’t seen the video before,[Read more]

Finding my soapbox

When I first started into the blogging world I was a dramatic teenager, pouring my soul out to strangers on Xanga and Livejournal, long before blogging was a ‘thing’. As a college student, I stepped out of my comfort zone and started publishing blog posts about things that actually mattered, though I can’t take credit for the sudden change. It was a class assignment, and I was doing what I needed to get my marks. When the school portion was[Read more]

Instagram removes #curvy hashtag, and the world continues to ‘fear’ bigger people

I don’t normally share videos, but Meghan Tonjes, a vlogger and musician that I admire, sums this up better than I could. For those who think this is just a coincidence, this is not the first time that Instagram has removed content of plus sized women, deeming it overly sexual, meanwhile, allowed far more sexual images from skinnier women to remain.In fact – there are images of men with hard-ons, jacking off, that are allowed, yet a woman with curves[Read more]

Baltimore, Ferguson, and the Heart of the Matter

This column appears in the Orangeville Citizen on April 30th, 2015. Duplication of the article is not to be made without written consent by Tabitha Wells or the Orangeville Citizen. Over the last year, we have watched from afar as cities in the United States have been ripped apart from protests gone wrong, as many Americans have taken to the streets to protest the injustice dealt to them at the hands of law-enforcement officers. What began as outrage over the[Read more]