Faith like the poor…

There is something to be said for those who have nothing, but give their lives to faith. I’ve always *known* that the Christians in 3rd world countries had stronger faith than those of us who have much, but to witness it in person was life changing.   When I left for Guatemala, I had lost my job and as much as I had faith it would work out, there was a large part of me that wondered if I should[Read more]

Today, Let’s Talk

If you live in Canada, and your cell phone provider is Bell, then today, you have a chance to make a difference. If you know someone in your contact list who is a Bell user, you too have the chance to make a difference. Today is Bell’s Let’s Talk day, in support of Mental Health awareness. For every text sent and every long distance call made by Bell customers, they will donate 5 cents to Mental Health research. Today, we[Read more]