Is a crisis of faith a bad thing?

crisis of faith

At the end of 2015, I made a confession about something that had terrified me to both face and admit. I was having a crisis of faith. Everything I thought I had believed about Christianity and church was flipped on its head. Bitterness from hurts I faced was rearing up and overpowering my drive to live a Christian walk. My foundation shook when I realised I could no longer reconcile the Jesus of the Bible with the church I saw[Read more]

Jesus > Religion

You may not recognize the name Jefferson Bethke immediately, but I’m sure at one point you’ve stumbled across his poem, Why I Hate Religion, but Love Jesus on Youtube. When it was first posted, it went viral nearly overnight, as people around the world shared, commented, upvoted or downvoted it. I watched it on repeat over and over again, thinking ‘finally, somebody else gets it’. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, and haven’t seen the video before,[Read more]

Finding my soapbox

When I first started into the blogging world I was a dramatic teenager, pouring my soul out to strangers on Xanga and Livejournal, long before blogging was a ‘thing’. As a college student, I stepped out of my comfort zone and started publishing blog posts about things that actually mattered, though I can’t take credit for the sudden change. It was a class assignment, and I was doing what I needed to get my marks. When the school portion was[Read more]

I will not apologize for my faith

Growing up, in Sunday School and Youth Group, we were often taught that people should know we are Christians by the way we behave, by the way that we act. That, although we should be witnessing to as many people as we can, they should know before we speak by how we live our lives. Contrary to what many people believe about me, I have not been a Christian my entire life. Although we began church when I was young[Read more]

Is there a difference between alienating everyone and living by our faith?

It looks like I’m off to a late start yet again with this… but it’s been a busy few weeks.   There has been a lot of talk lately, both internationally and locally about how the choices of the world are trampling on the rights of Christians. Between new sex-ed curriculums, gay marriage, abortion and most recently, a Bill being supported by Indiana’s Governor allowing businesses to exercise their religious freedoms by banning LGBT customers. People declaring that they should[Read more]

Yes, I can be a Feminist, Christian and a housewife

Earlier this month, one of my favourite bloggers posted about feminism and this somewhat popular idea that feminists and housewives must be mutually exclusive of one-another. It’s an issue that I’ve encountered often, both as a woman who loves being a housewife, and as a Christian woman. At Christmas, the in-laws came to our apartment, and I took care of dinner, getting the tree up, and making sure there was no shortage on food or decorations. My father-in-law told me[Read more]

Are you a fan of Jesus?

I was listening to the radio the other morning, and the morning show host brought up this new ‘campaign’ that is being launched by some prominent Christians called ‘Not a fan‘. Their idea is that they are followers of Jesus, not fans, because fans, like sports fans, are fickle and fall off the bandwagon. Personally, I disagree. So did a few others, including the dj. I unfortunately couldn’t phone in to give my two cents on the show, so I[Read more]