Women I’d love the chance to interview

As both a writer and a journalist, I’ve always thought about the people outside of my ability to reach out to that I would LOVE the chance to have an interview with. These are people that I either admire, think are totally awesome, or am just absolutely and incredibly intrigued by. Even if it wasn’t an actual interview for an article, or a blog post, but just the chance to sit down with these ladies; that would be an incredible[Read more]

Today we talk, no matter how hard it is to tell our stories…

I spoke on the need to break the stigma. Last year, my message was positive and driven. This year, this is the year it’s tough for me. Because I feel like I’ve been beaten. I’m worn out, I’m struggling, and I feel like every day is a fight. I don’t talk about it because I still feel like I don’t have the right to. Even in knowing that this stigma needs to be broken, I get caught up in it[Read more]

The People Who Inspire Us

There are people throughout our lives that inspire us to be better, inspire us to make a stand and inspire us to follow our hearts and dreams. These people can be anyone: a random person on the street or a friend/mentor. Sometimes they are famous people who are fighting to make a difference, and sometimes they are average people who just happened to make a statement so powerful that it captivated the world.   Last week, I had the opportunity[Read more]