I don’t support the Pro-Life movement, but I’m not pro-abortion

  Earlier this year, I wrote for the first time about abortion and some of the thoughts I was developing about it. Since then, I’ve struggled with where I stand on the issue, and tried to figure out ways to express it. Thankfully, I have a friend who is great at tagging me on posts with articles all about these kinds of issues, that have helped lead me to where I am today. She also is the reason I realized[Read more]

Ontario’s New Sex-Ed Curriculum, the Pros and the Cons

*Update: Feb 23 – 1:20PM – I’ve finally found the link to the actual document and am reviewing it now. Please check out the link below for the full curriculum. Today, the Province of Ontario revealed a controversial new Sexual Education program that has parents (mainly Christians) up in arms across the province. The issue? A vast change in both the content that is involved and the curriculum, as well as the age that it is starting. I’m pretty sure[Read more]

A response to the Women Against Feminism.

I want to start off by saying that I understand where many of you are coming from. Where the idea of being connected with something that has been linked to women being superior rather than equal is an issue you don’t want to be a part of. Where, from your comfortable spot in the world, you’ve been fortunate enough to never have experienced the constant harassment, sexism and unrealistic expectations that are placed on women. And please, don’t take that[Read more]

Are you a fan of Jesus?

I was listening to the radio the other morning, and the morning show host brought up this new ‘campaign’ that is being launched by some prominent Christians called ‘Not a fan‘. Their idea is that they are followers of Jesus, not fans, because fans, like sports fans, are fickle and fall off the bandwagon. Personally, I disagree. So did a few others, including the dj. I unfortunately couldn’t phone in to give my two cents on the show, so I[Read more]