Be careful what you say on Social Media

If I had a dollar for the number of times a teen/young adult has told me that it doesn’t matter what they post on Facebook, Twitter etc, ‘they’re kids and it won’t affect them’, well, I’d probably have enough money to eat out at a really fancy restaurant. This isn’t a new idea – as a teen, I thought the stuff I put on my livejournal or MySpace could not possibly have an impact in my life. But the difference[Read more]

Ontario’s New Sex-Ed Curriculum, the Pros and the Cons

*Update: Feb 23 – 1:20PM – I’ve finally found the link to the actual document and am reviewing it now. Please check out the link below for the full curriculum. Today, the Province of Ontario revealed a controversial new Sexual Education program that has parents (mainly Christians) up in arms across the province. The issue? A vast change in both the content that is involved and the curriculum, as well as the age that it is starting. I’m pretty sure[Read more]