There is nothing ‘insane’ about mourning someone you never knew

Today, I saw someone online literally freak out over people grieving the deaths of the celebrities we lost this week. A person whose profile highlights them as a therapist, tore into people about grieving a celebrity instead of focusing on more important issues. We’ve seen the same when it comes to the refugee situation. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again — the human mind, our human emotions and our hearts are not restricted by only being able[Read more]

29 is a frightening age… at least, it is to me.

For the last month and a bit, I’ve been struggling to write. It took me a little while to figure out what was holding me back, and an even longer while to figure out how to put it into words or whether I even should attempt to put it into words. I try to stay away from the overtly personal aspect of things on my blog, but sometimes, your personal issues and your writing collide and there is not much[Read more]

In loving memory of Priscilla; may your words and life continue to inspire us all

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to sit down with a young woman whom I’ve known for over ten years, the daughter of two people who I consider dear friends. A young woman who spent the last year of her life battling an incurable cancer, and knowing that her life would not go on much longer. Although we had not seen each other much in recent years, my memories of her were still the bright-eyed young girl[Read more]

Robin, you will be missed.

I had a big post planned out, but instead I’m going to share this.   Robin William’s death is hitting me strangely hard for someone I never met. Likely, a mix between the fact that I can relate to the struggles of depression and mental illness, but also, because Robin is a large reason that the ‘Disney’ magic is alive and well in my heart. Because he showed me that adults can dream and be more than just what the[Read more]

And then we had a run-in with gangs…

Remember that numbness I said I was feeling about everything? It’s gone. Everything is coming to me clearer than it was even while I was there. It took seeing the Kony 2012 video to break it free, but now that it has, my heart is on fire. Because along with releasing those feelings that my heart locked away, it’s made me realize what I think it is that my calling in life might be. Because right now, I am on[Read more]

When acceptance, or the lackthereof, leads to death…

My small little town has been in the news a fair chunk lately. And not once for something positive. First, it was the woman who went missing, and was found murdered twenty minutes outside of town. Now, it’s about a double-suicide. A story that went as far as to reach the apparently ever-famous Perez Hilton. What is the reason this one stretched so far? It’s a tale of tragedy surrounding the lack of acceptance. Two lesbians, one technically still a[Read more]

Jesus Christ, I think upon your sacrifice; you became nothing poured out to death

Originally today I was going to do a short story I came up with about Good Friday and the impact of what Christ did. Now, I’m not so sure there are any words I could use to explain the profound depth of His sacrifice. So instead, I am posting something short, simple. I find it a contradiction saying ‘Happy Good Friday’. While it is, in a way something to celebrate, to call it happy is almost buttering the event. It[Read more]