When they go low, I will go high

As an INFJ, it is incredibly easy for me to feel discouraged and downtrodden when I feel like the fight for humanity is losing. Equally so, it is that very discouragement driving me forward with a passion to keep fighting for change and encouraging people (myself included) to be better and to do more. I won’t say we are at a pivotal point in history because there will always be moments in which the entire direction of humanity changes. But[Read more]

So much to wrap my mind around.

I know I promised a post, and it’s still coming, I swear. There has been a lot to process, and a lot I’ve wanted to post about over the last little while, and combined with the insanity of municipal elections, I’ve been having trouble gathering my thoughts.   Of course, elections are one of the things I want to write about, as well as an update about our vacation, but there are also some incredibly serious issues that have been[Read more]

It’s time our leaders take a new direction when it comes to elections.

Column published in the Orangeville Citizen, September 4, 2014. Municipal elections are just over a month away, which means we’re quickly going to be moving into the full-fledged campaigning period of all hopeful council, Mayoral and Deputy Mayoral candidates. As someone who has only had the capability to vote for the last decade, I truly believe that there needs to be more of a shift towards including our youth in the voting process. It’s no secret that the population is[Read more]