September Is the Time For Renewing Yourself


Although there is something super special about the spring for me, the fall is my favourite season. It’s not just because of sweaters, tall boots, hot lattes, and leggings though. My love goes much deeper than that. Fall is marked every September by something incredible–a new beginning.

It’s 4am, and I can’t sleep

It’s 4am, and despite everything, sleep has eluded me tonight. I’ve spent the day trying to write articles, to no avail. My brain has refused to shut off, while also refusing to turn on. It’s an odd place to be in mentally. I had thought by this point I would be back full-fledged into blogging, finding a healthy work/life balance, and simply moving forward. Blogging has been harder than I expected, not because of a lack of time, but I[Read more]

Finding a ‘reason’ shouldn’t drive us

As Christians, I find that we often spend a lot of time trying to rationalize everything in our lives. We live by the ideal that God has a reason for letting everything that happens happen, and that it’s all part of His plan. But what happens when we start letting the pursuit of finding out that reason prevent us from going forward? I’ve lost count of the number of things that have ranged from incredibly trying in my life, to[Read more]