Bring on the future: Elon Musk and neural link tech

Imagine a phone rings, but the only person who can hear it is you. A transparent image of the caller pops into your vision, and with a mere thought, you answer it. The phone call ends and you decide you want a coffee – a map pops up in front of you with an arrow highlighting the way to the nearest Starbucks. As you walk, you glance over at an artistic statue mounted on the sidewalk. With the crystal blue[Read more]

Be careful what you say on Social Media

If I had a dollar for the number of times a teen/young adult has told me that it doesn’t matter what they post on Facebook, Twitter etc, ‘they’re kids and it won’t affect them’, well, I’d probably have enough money to eat out at a really fancy restaurant. This isn’t a new idea – as a teen, I thought the stuff I put on my livejournal or MySpace could not possibly have an impact in my life. But the difference[Read more]

Letters to my past self

This idea was originally posted by Samantha over on Jill Of All Trades, and more recently by Tim at That Tiny Website. While I sort out my thoughts on a more complicated post, I thought it was a good way to pass some time and get some fresh content out. I’ve only written a letter to my past self once before, as part of a blog project way back when I blogged at Geeky Ambiguous Me, which has long since[Read more]