Finding a ‘reason’ shouldn’t drive us

As Christians, I find that we often spend a lot of time trying to rationalize everything in our lives. We live by the ideal that God has a reason for letting everything that happens happen, and that it’s all part of His plan. But what happens when we start letting the pursuit of finding out that reason prevent us from going forward? I’ve lost count of the number of things that have ranged from incredibly trying in my life, to[Read more]

Is there a difference between alienating everyone and living by our faith?

It looks like I’m off to a late start yet again with this… but it’s been a busy few weeks.   There has been a lot of talk lately, both internationally and locally about how the choices of the world are trampling on the rights of Christians. Between new sex-ed curriculums, gay marriage, abortion and most recently, a Bill being supported by Indiana’s Governor allowing businesses to exercise their religious freedoms by banning LGBT customers. People declaring that they should[Read more]

Courage is not the absence of fear

I’m very excited, as today is the first ever Salvation Sunday post, as part of a link-up with another blogger I’ve been following. I realize this is a Monday, but I had a post planned out and was unable to get it up on time. Those of you who follow my blog/interact online with me regularly know that my faith is a huge part of me, and while when I launched this blog I initially planned on speaking more about[Read more]

Truth vs lie.

This is what my heart says: I have to impress God if I want him to love me. I have to prove myself for God to love me as I am. I have to be perfect and sinless, because Christ’s death was not meant for me. Every time I think I have to impress Him, I am placing limits and boundaries on God. Every time I believe I have to prove myself, I am calling God a liar. Every time[Read more]

God is a mean kid with a magnifying glass…

Even though we know it’s not true, how many times do we unintentionally place God in that position? I’ve found that lately I seem to be putting Him there a lot. I know that’s not His nature, yet in the back of my mind, I fear that He’s just waiting to rip all the good out from under me. I was told once that when we fear giving God our all means giving up something in our life we care[Read more]

Questions that go unanswered…

I don’t know about most people… but I know there are a group of questions in my mind that are my downfall… questions that haunt me and fester and burn until I hit a point where I just can’t take them anymore. I try to be strong, to convince myself that I don’t need answers, because the answers are there. But all too often, I fall prey to the what-ifs. What if I’m wrong, and they’re all right? What if[Read more]

To Save a Life: Part Two – When the going gets tough, the tough get praying.

Do you ever have those moments where it feels like God has taken a sledgehammer and knocked you upside the head with it? Towards the end of To Save a Life, I definitely got one of those. It wasn’t lovely. It hurt. Emotionally, spiritually, and I’m sure I felt the physical reverberations of it. At that point in the movie everything is falling apart for Jake. I’m not gonna give away the spoilers here, but basically, Jake starts feeling like[Read more]

To Save a Life – Part One: It Only Takes One To Make a Difference

Tonight the movie To Save a Life was shown at our church by our somewhat local radio station. I knew prior to attending the movie that it would have a huge impact on me due to the fact that the previews left me weeping every time I heard them. The main premise to the movie itself was one that wrenched my heart just thinking about it, because it was something I could relate to my own life. Before reading on,[Read more]