God is a mean kid with a magnifying glass…

Even though we know it’s not true, how many times do we unintentionally place God in that position? I’ve found that lately I seem to be putting Him there a lot. I know that’s not His nature, yet in the back of my mind, I fear that He’s just waiting to rip all the good out from under me. I was told once that when we fear giving God our all means giving up something in our life we care[Read more]

Life: Dig yourself in, or dig yourself

When I got home last night, I was once again, feeling a little depressed. Not so much about life or anything, but about how it seems so difficult for me to fit in. As I was sitting there thinking about that, I realized it doesn’t really matter. Sure, it feels great to have friends, to be part of the action, and to know that people want to spend time with you. But how much do the people at social gatherings[Read more]