The world feels like it’s on fire


My heart is heavy, filled with a darkness I cannot describe. Every moment my love, hope, and passion for people is whittled away by the evil in the streets. Every moment, I feel myself bracing for the worst, and as the worst comes, I am no longer surprised. I am no longer surprised by the growing darkness, or by the people whom I once thought of as loving, caring people, revealing themselves to be a part of the darkness. I[Read more]

When acceptance, or the lackthereof, leads to death…

My small little town has been in the news a fair chunk lately. And not once for something positive. First, it was the woman who went missing, and was found murdered twenty minutes outside of town. Now, it’s about a double-suicide. A story that went as far as to reach the apparently ever-famous Perez Hilton. What is the reason this one stretched so far? It’s a tale of tragedy surrounding the lack of acceptance. Two lesbians, one technically still a[Read more]