Finding my soapbox

When I first started into the blogging world I was a dramatic teenager, pouring my soul out to strangers on Xanga and Livejournal, long before blogging was a ‘thing’. As a college student, I stepped out of my comfort zone and started publishing blog posts about things that actually mattered, though I can’t take credit for the sudden change. It was a class assignment, and I was doing what I needed to get my marks. When the school portion was[Read more]

Don’t look, you might feel : One man takes on the challenge to fight for the homeless

I’ve said before that one of my favourite parts of my job is that every so often, I get to meet someone who is inspiring, someone who challenges me to continue pursuing my dream of being a life-changer and a history maker. These people come in all shapes and forms, and from all walks of life, and on Monday morning, one of them walked into my office. I was called over by one of my co-workers who had been speaking[Read more]