When they go low, I will go high

As an INFJ, it is incredibly easy for me to feel discouraged and downtrodden when I feel like the fight for humanity is losing. Equally so, it is that very discouragement driving me forward with a passion to keep fighting for change and encouraging people (myself included) to be better and to do more. I won’t say we are at a pivotal point in history because there will always be moments in which the entire direction of humanity changes. But[Read more]

In the end, love will win

When our last issue of 2015 went to print, I wasn’t sure I was ready to share my column from that week on my blog. While it is online on our website, our readership is limited, and while it addressed specifically the refugee situation in our small town, I wasn’t sure I was ready for its reach to be extended. If you follow me as a blogger, a writer, or a journalist, you know I’ve rarely been one to shy[Read more]

Selective compassion is a growing problem

I have not said much beyond my expression of shock at Paris over the last couple of days, and have stayed away from Social Media for multiple reasons. I haven’t been able to say what I am feeling, because in part, I don’t know how to describe it, and the other part feels like it will fall on deaf ears. The support for Paris is incredible, but speaks to a larger problem – that people are more concerned about attacks[Read more]

Ferguson matters, even if it’s nowhere near you.

  A grade 12 student I know was recently laughing about a picture from a Ferguson protest that was not funny in the slightest. When I pointed this out, he said ‘It’s funny, because it has nothing to do with us. None of this does.’   If it were possible to do a face-plant like an anime character, I would have done that. Instead, I found myself very frustrated and angry. I wanted to shout at him that he was[Read more]