The best option: stick with OPS

At the last Orangeville Council meeting, OPP made a presentation in which the long-awaited OPP costing report was provided. The report and presentation were thorough, highlighting the services that would be included, the basic costs for these services, and some of the start-up costs for the switch-over. It was, perhaps, one of the most attended council meetings I have been to. The gallery was packed, and a number of us were ushered upstairs to the Opera House to watch the[Read more]

Brightening Tanzanian children’s futures

*This article appeared in the Orangeville Citizen Newspaper on September 10, 2015 Child sponsorship advertisements often tell us that for approximately a dollar a day, we have the power to change the life of a child in a poverty-stricken country. While it may be hard to fathom, there is a lot of truth to this message, which seems to be used by every organization seeking sponsorship. For one Orangeville resident, the experience of seeing how a little bit of funding[Read more]

Where are the NDP?

*Update Aug 5. 2015 – Our local candidate now has a website up, but I am still skeptical as to whether she will actually make a presence this year. Now, with the 2015 federal election campaign officially launched, the topic of my column feels even more relevant. I was not going to post this, but after receiving several compliments on it, and having people ask that I share it, I decided to post it. This column appeared in the July[Read more]

Welcome to Orangeville’s new soap opera

You know how soap operas have a very bad habit of recycling old story lines, regurgitating characters and continuously bringing up the exact same concept over and over again? Well, welcome to Orangeville Council. In 11 budget meetings over the nearly four months since this term of Council was sworn in, we’ve seen enough recycling that people are beginning to refer to the meetings as Groundhog Day. As seems to be the new trend with these meetings, it kicked off[Read more]

The mistakes of the Town will be paid for on the backs of its residents

If Orangeville Council approves the new proposed budget next Monday night, Orangeville tax-payers will be looking at a tax rate increase of 4.21%, the equivalent of approximately $100 on the average home assessment of $313,000. This high increase is thanks to a motion passed at last night’s Finance and Administration Committee that forces the residents of the town to pay back over $1 million to the Reserves, due to previous councils depleting said reserves. The initial 2015 Proposed Budget would[Read more]

Elections may be over, but it seems people think they’re still on

Today, I’m launching the ‘local’ corner of my blog, where I will be speaking on everything from local events, politics (within the range that I can), restaurant reviews, features on local people and more. With all the hot talks surrounding Orangeville Council and local politics, I thought it would be appropriate to address an issue that seems to be flying across the interwebz at high volumes. That issue, is that the elections are over, but many people seem to think[Read more]