When they go low, I will go high

As an INFJ, it is incredibly easy for me to feel discouraged and downtrodden when I feel like the fight for humanity is losing. Equally so, it is that very discouragement driving me forward with a passion to keep fighting for change and encouraging people (myself included) to be better and to do more. I won’t say we are at a pivotal point in history because there will always be moments in which the entire direction of humanity changes. But[Read more]

The power of words

It was around grade 7 or 8 when I first became aware that my love of writing was more than just a passion. Teachers had begun to notice the flare I had for the written word, and my capability to convey things concisely and clearly; often moreso than my classmates. I was always writing; scribbling away in a notebook and taking what time my parents allowed me on the computer to pound out the stories that were dancing around in[Read more]