Letters to my past self

This idea was originally posted by Samantha over on Jill Of All Trades, and more recently by Tim at That Tiny Website. While I sort out my thoughts on a more complicated post, I thought it was a good way to pass some time and get some fresh content out. I’ve only written a letter to my past self once before, as part of a blog project way back when I blogged at Geeky Ambiguous Me, which has long since[Read more]

Tying in the past, the present and the future

Some of you may not know this, but when I was four, my mother passed away of stomach cancer. Most of my memories of her surround while she was dying. Her name was Suzanne, and my sister and I never really knew her. My sister was only ten months when she passed.   We were very blessed that God brought a wonderful woman into our lives shortly after that, and while technically she is our step-mother, she has always been[Read more]