Give me hope because it’s fading fast

After the launch of my blog, I spent weeks carefully crafting what was to be my first post. Then the last few days happened, and I realized,┬áit needed to wait. It needed to wait because there are things that need to be said, because there are emotions that need to be processed, and because it’s hard to write about the goodness of God in the face of these latest tragedies. There have been plenty of people who have made statements[Read more]

Some thoughts on Charleston and what it means

By this point in time, if you haven’t heard about the Charleston, South Carolina shooting, I’m going to ask you to stop reading this post, go Google it, and read a few articles before coming back.It has been nearly 50 years since the end of the African-American Civil Rights movement, which fought to end racial segregation and provide all black Americans with the same rights as whites. In that time, we’ve seen huge developments in technology, in international efforts and[Read more]

Baltimore, Ferguson, and the Heart of the Matter

This column appears in the Orangeville Citizen on April 30th, 2015. Duplication of the article is not to be made without written consent by Tabitha Wells or the Orangeville Citizen. Over the last year, we have watched from afar as cities in the United States have been ripped apart from protests gone wrong, as many Americans have taken to the streets to protest the injustice dealt to them at the hands of law-enforcement officers. What began as outrage over the[Read more]