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How Creative Planning Keeps Me Motivated

Like many people struggling with mental health issues, getting motivated can be a challenge at times. For me, I basically have two modes — super motivated and completely unmotivated. Over the years, one of my biggest challenges has been finding ways to overcome this. Looking at what stifles your motivation can reveal a lot of interesting things. One of the …

September Is the Time For Renewing Yourself

Although there is something super special about the spring for me, the fall is my favourite season. It’s not just because of sweaters, tall boots, hot lattes, and leggings though. My love goes much deeper than that. Fall is marked every September by something incredible–a new beginning.

Self-care in turbulent times

It seems like every day logging onto social media is becoming one of those daunting tasks. These days, it often feels like a much darker place than usual. Politics and arguments raging everywhere, people sharing their fears, mocking others for their fears. Civil unrest. Terrorist attacks. Human rights issues. They’re all piling up, like an avalanche on your emotions. We …